Ingrid Marsh from Women With Voices is a fantastic public speaker!
— Google Campus - London
Ingrid is fire!! Innovative, Engaging, Raw.
— Lanre Atijosan - The Beauty Bank
If I wore a wig could I come to your courses too?
— Michaael Green
Lovely evening! Ingrid warmed up the room with her magnificent presence and the power of her words. Definitely a woman with a voice :).
— Colette Mcardo, PR and copywriting services for small business owners.
Ingrid was a fantastic host and really knows her stuff. She led by example, showing us how to be our authentic selves when speaking. Ingrid presented her programme of bite-size modules to tackle each barrier holding us back from public speaking success. I can’t wait to get started - highly recommend!
— Anna Hill / Inventor / Space Synapse and River Cycleway Consortium
Dear Ingrid,

I thoroughly enjoyed the evening from start to finish. Anyone who had intended going tonight but didn’t, really missed out.

Ingrid shared so many hidden gems about how to think and how we are perceived and had so much insight into studies conducted, she’s a certain subject matter expert. It was heart warming to learn we all have similar doubts and fears when we feel exposed in front of an audience - as women.

I commented to Ingrid afterwardsthat I wanted to have her style, that confidence just like her and she quickly and firmly reminded me that I should be like me! Yes...it’s negative language and posture about ourselves that inhibits our own personal growth and we all need someone whose on our side to remind us to be ourselves! I absorbed every word and learned a lot in one session and agree that drop in classes to focus on specific aspects of public speaking is the most meaningful and convenient way to learn and build confidence - not in one fell swoop in one session and it’s over. Consistency is key with attention to detail - we think nothing of going each week to dance classes to perfect our routine and technical prowess so it’s a no brainer to invest in ourselves. To invest in self expression and communication to an audience and to get our own message across in an engaging way. As Ingrid stated, we all have our own story to tell that makes that important connection, it’s not about us as individuals in the end it’s about what we have to say and how we say it. I’m most certainly IN!
Big Love Ingrid...and Thank You!
— Lisa Nichols - Founder Roloply visibility & control of data
I have been speaking at tech events and runnng workshops. For the first time I have a tool kit for the delivery of the spoken word rather than a grab bag of desperate tips and trips.
— Chris Adams / Product manager and UX Consultant
Dear Ingrid,

I loved your way of structuring the class and felt you managed to get everyone really involved.

What particularly stayed with me is your encouragement to share your story. As you know, I was a bit reluctant to do this as it is so personal but people often ask me - including the last journalist who was writing for a Canadian airline magazine and I ducked it! I had been wondering if I should get back to her and fill her in with the real story and now feel more encouraged to do so!

I love your follow-on.......... talking about three - a brilliant share and also easy to remember.

I think encouraging people to find the mean little person who sits on our shoulder and sabotages is also a very useful reminder you gave us - even naming him/her is a great idea.

Well done you and happy Monday
— Giuliana - Published Author on afternoon teas and Founder of a cookery school.
Hi Ingrid,

I really really enjoyed your the public speaking workshop, you had my complete attention and remember nodding my head a lot.

It was beautiful how we were all rooting for each other, wasn’t it.? Great that the group became very comfortable with each other. The dynamic seemed to be that of jumping in enthusiastically whenever we want, so it must have been a challenge as a facilitator to keep us to the schedule of the workshop. I imagine we were a noisier crowd than you find at most formal workshops.

I’m really grateful you’re teaching us this skill. Public speaking is my dragon to slay. I’ve got a steep learning curve there as I have a lifelong addiction to invisibility when it comes to my ideas and my skills. I’m quite fine doing dance and drama performances because it’s different....I’m safely hidden in a role.

Big hugs and thanks again,
— Leilani - Abstract Artist
Ingrid was an excellent and competent trainer, she was very informative, knowledgeable and has lots of experience which adds real value to the course.

I really appreciated the practical information provided. I felt much more clearer, confident and enthusiastic about speaking in public. It was a very enjoyable and useful day.

Great course - very well taught! I was really impressed with the training - thank you!
— Lea - TW-inventories.co.uk
Dearest Ingrid,

I thought the course was incredible.
You are so amazing at what you do. You are so professional, knowledgeable and engaging - I ate up every gem you gave us today. Thank you also for offering to take a look at my slides for a presentation I have coming up. I would be grateful for anymore feedback you could give me.
— Warm regards, Emma - Emma Perry and Co Accountants
Great energy, great speaker, great inspiration with some wonderful tips too.
— Sara Stafford-Wiliams
I echo the too! great event last night. Loved the vibe and the positive energy in the room.
— Parwinder Dale - transformationial coach
— Michelle Laterma
Great opening presentation by Ingrid Marsh. Thought provoking indeed!
— Falak S Saleem
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